PROGRESSIVE – self tapping, self drilling and bone condensing implant


“PROGRESSIVE” – it is an implant with internal hexagon connection and switching platform is indicated in all bone classes and has exceptional primary stability (even in very trabecular bone tissues) thanks to its double thread structure. The distinctive trait of this implant is that it has a double progressive trapezoidal thread flattened at the third coil from coronal end (after a 3 mm micro thread) and becoming increasingly aggressive and sharp at the third coil from apical end, thus offering excellent primary stability.
Implant’s structure at coronal end is designed to preserve hard tissue causing a reduced trauma to surrounding bone tissue. Structure at the apical end allows the surgeon to charge the inclination while inserting the implant in order to achieve optimal angle. Double thread with a 2.3 mm pitch gives this implant some unique properties: self-cutting, self-threading and self-condensing.
Thanks to its internal hexagon connection and a switching platform that offers a distancing element between the marginal bone and implant-abutment contact, this implant is particularly useful in the aesthetic areas.
It is necessary to use bone taps in case of compact bone D1 and D2. Appropriate extension S-IP should be used to avoid stressing the connection implant-mounter.

Dimension of the connection

Platform NORMAL

Platform LARGE

h = length
Ø1 = max coronal diameter
Ø2 = max thread diameter
Ø3 = apical diameter

Components platform NORMAL

Components platform NORMAL

Components platform NORMAL

Components platform NORMAL

Components platform LARGE

Assembly outlines

Surgical protocol