One-piece implants with medium thread


Implant with snap-on comfort cap
Single-phase line of implants is indicated in bone classed D1, D2 and D3 and has been studied for immediate loading both in mandible and maxilla, allowing with its wide abutment the correction of mild discrepancies in parallel alignment. The surgical procedure is simple, inexpensive and not very traumatic, so it allows for the situations of total or partial edentulism to be solved in a single surgery. The fixture diameter 3,5 mm is particularly indicated for narrow alveolar ridge.
It comes with a snap-on comfort cap that can be used as temporary abutment.

Dimension of the connection

h = length
h1 = transmucous height
Ø1 = max coronal diameter
Ø2 = max thread diameter
Ø3 = apical diameter

Assembly outlines

Surgical protocol