One-piece implants UNIKO


With its morphology UNIKO provides the implant – prosthetic rehabilitation of more than one element, and has been studied for immediate loading both in mandible and maxilla. The simple, unexpensive and little traumatic surgical procedure, joint with a large choice of prosthetic combinations, gives space to a number of solutions usually unthinkable for a one – piece implant. The ideal solution for prosthetic solutions such as overdentures on bars, screwed bridges, cemented bridges, it could be used as an intermediate element in the All on four/All on six protocol. The 3,5 fixture is particularly suited for those crests with reduced cortical bone width.

Dimension of the connection

h = length
h1 = transmucous height
Ø1 = max coronal diameter
Ø2 = max thread diameter
Ø3 = apical diameter

Components UNIKO

Components UNIKO

Components UNIKO

Example of the inserted UNIKO

Assembly outlines

Guidelines for the use of drills for conical implants
These drills have the characteristic to recover the bone during the drilling (which, if necessary, can be used for bone regeneration – as autologuos bone graft). Thus, it is important to clean the cavity of the cutter to ensure an optimal cutting during the prepara tion of the implant site.
Note: The black marking indicates height, while the colored insert (marking) indicates diameter.

Surgical protocol