Mini two-stage implants


TIZ” – This particular type of implant is indicated where a use of a normal implant would be too invasive. The indications are: split crest technique, agenesis of lateral incisors and thin alveolar crest. Immediate loading is not advised, except in case of a group of at least 4 implants, for lengths not inferior to 13 mm and ONLY in mandibular area. The implant has a flat cone shape with the apical third being particularly aggressive allowing it to engage better with the bone tissue, a macro threaded body with a 0,95 mm thread pitch for a better grip in the mandible, and the coronal third of the implant micro threaded for a better grip in the cortical bone and a 1 mm polished neck to prevent bone resorption. Other important characteristic is the neck diameter measuring 3.5 mm that allows for aesthetic improvements in the frontal area and favours natural reshaping of both soft and hard tissues.

Dimension of the connection

h = length
h1 = transmucous height
Ø1 = max coronal diameter
Ø2 = max thread diameter
Ø3 = apical diameter

Components platform NORMAL

Assembly outlines

Surgical protocol